Fireball Information Technologies

Early wildfire detection powered by machine learning

What we do

Fireball Information Technologies offers ai-powered early detection of wildfires.

We are a team with a deep experience in firefighting with many decades of boots on the ground experience fighting fires. We also have deep experience with AI and machine learning. This unique cross section of skills has allowed us to create a cutting edge system for early fire detections that not only detects fires as fast as possible but presents that operational intelligence in a way that can be acted on accurately and quickly. We have worked on a system that has minimal false positives while ensuring next to zero false negatives, if there's a smoke detected you'll know about it as fast as possible. We know that every minute matters when fighting fires.

This life-saving technology is already in use by multiple major stakeholders in both the private and public sector.

Proven performance

Our system has been proven to be effective during fire seasons via use from firefighting professionals across multiple organizations both public and private.

Cutting edge AI system

We have a cutting edge ai-powered system that we are constantly improving on. This allows us to detect fires faster while simultaneously allowing us to reliably cover much more territory without missing anything.

Decades of experience

We have experience working in firefighting dispatching so we know that it is a hard job. During the middle of fire season there is lots of information to process and every minute matters. Our system has been designed with dispatchers in mind and presents all the relevant information in a practical and easy to use format even when there is pressure.

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