Wildfire and Incident Mapping with Aware®

Perimeter and Change Maps

Incident maps are delivered several times daily to keep management personnel informed of spot fires, perimeter changes, and ongoing containment progress. Maps can be produced in-flight to share information that is only minutes old.


Hotspot Detection

Accurately geolocated hotspot maps are delivered at beginning and end of shifts, cataloging clean up efforts. GPS coordinates are assigned to each spot near the incident containment boundary and can be distributed to remote users in real time.

Fire and Smoke

Airborne FOBS

Expert observations help Incident Management Teams determine where to focus resources and characterize fire behavior using infrared and visible band cameras.

Helicopter and Crew

Aircraft Dual Use

Mapping services are provided using agency- or contractor- provided helicopters. Most aircraft can serve dual-use for recon missions during or between mapping missions.

  • Experience

    Fireball's techs have been in the business for more than 15 years. We are regularly asked to present at fire strategy and technology conferences and agency/team meetings.

  • Cost Savings

    Dedicated incident IR mapping technologies can regularly provide a 10:1 cost savings by allowing Incident Management Teams confortably release expensive aircraft and crews earlier.

  • Try it

    Call to inquire about options for a no-cost demonstration of capabilities.

Intelligence in time to make a difference

Focus your resources on actionable information that leads to smarter and safer decisions.