Sawday Fires Example

The official start time of Sawday Fire was 09:19 PDT which was determined from the image sequence in the Woodson directory. The ground-based system detected the fire three minutes later on the Woodson East Camera at 09:22:20 (top left). The Mesa Grande South camera shows smoke in the 09:21:38 (bottom right) but the smoke was staying very close to the ground (due to the wind). The system detected the smoke at 09:28:28. The Volcan Mountain West Camera 09:28:47 (bottom left) shows a small amount of smoke just poking over a hill. The system detected the smoke at 09:30:47 (top right).

The computer detected the fire in the GOES 17 satellite feed (top right). At this stage, the human eye is not capable of recognising the fire in the image against the background. However, Fireball’s methods and algorithms identified the fire with a high probability. These sequences show that, because of terrain, light, wind, and other conditions, the cameras and satellites detect fires at slightly different times. This demonstrates that the network of multiple types and locations of sensors is the fastest and most certain means of detecting, reporting and continuing to understand fire.