Aware® Software Platform

  • Sensor Control

    Modular software platform allows for interchangeable hardware, flexible configurations and a standard user interface for each system integration.

  • Realtime Situation Awareness

    Monitor asset locations, sensor coverage, sensor performance, and data previews in realtime.  Generate orthorectified image and feature maps, chipped image sections for real time transmittal, and 3D point clouds from LIDAR sensors.

  • Unattended Operation

    Supports interactive or fully unattended operation, depending on mission and use case.

Modular Design

Interfaces to multiple hardware vendors and sensor types. Software-defined configurations allow for easy configuration changes and consistent behavior across different hardware systems.

High Res Cameras

  • Lumenera Lt series
  • PhaseOne iXR series
  • JAI USB3 and GigE series
  • Canon EOS DSLR

GPS/Inertial Systems

  • Applanix POS A/V™
  • Novatel SPAN™
  • VectorNav VN 200/300™
  • Rockwell Collins GuS™
  • Crossbow AHRS™

Other Supported Hardware

  • Velodyne VLP™ LIDAR devices
  • Wescam DS- and QS- gimbals
  • Any standard/HD video device